Terms & Conditions

Please read below for our Terms & Conditions.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries.


  1. Be punctual. Late arrivals causes great inconvenience. You may not be seen immediately and consultation time could be shortened.
  2. 50% of fee/no show is due if cancelled less than 24hrs before the appointment.
  3. Urgent/Emergency cases may be given priority based on the merit of the case.
  4. Un-booked cases will be seen at the soonest availability.
  5. Due to the nature of our service, we can’t guarantee exact appointment times.


  1. Two people may accompany you and remain seated in designated areas. Follow all infection control measures. Masks are mandatory. Inform us if you have any covid symptoms.
  2. Wear loose comfortable clothing for easy access and to minimize contact with the sonographer.


  1. The DVD records the scan in full with audio heartbeat (R50). USB (R150) and CD records images and short clips subject to baby’s movements. Imaging depends baby’s position and technical factors.
  2. Cell phone recording is not allowed without prior permission.


  1. Fees are based on the overall cost of the service. If you experience financial difficulty, ask us for assistance
  2. Payment is done upfront to facilitate a smooth workflow. Scanning time is NOT relative to the fee. Fatima Gani, Absa Savings, 9290245693, Southgate, Br 632005- POP to fatima@ultrasoundscan.co.za


  1. Do not bring valuables. We cannot be responsible for theft, loss or damage to personal property.
  2. Parking is available at the far end of the driveway. Do not park in the staff/emergency zones.


  1. We have an open communication policy. Fatima Gani is a sonographer practicing within her scope of practice. No medical advice, scripts or treatment can be facilitated. Please ensure that you have an understanding of our scans including limitations to avoid misunderstanding or disappointment. If you have questions during the scan, feel free to ask. If you are quiet, we assume all is good ☺
  2. We may refuse admission to anybody who is physically or verbally abusive to a healthcare professional (National Heath Act 61/2003) and will prosecute anyone who threatens or behaves violently against us.