Anomaly Pregnancy Scan

(19-24 weeks)
An anomaly pregnancy scan forms an integral part of antenatal care takes a close look at your baby’s developmental structure.


An anomaly scan is a detailed anatomy scan to exclude structural abnormalities and genetic syndromes.

There is specific focus on the central nervous system, facial morphology, cardiac & chest cavity, urinary, gastro-intestinal tract, abdominal cavity and skeletal system.

The placenta and amniotic fluid will also be surveyed. The scan is routine and has become protocol in antenatal care. It also serves as a second look over and above your Gynaecologists scan.


Between 19 and 24 weeks of pregnancy because visualization at this stage is optimal

What to expect

Bring all previous records and blood tests. Inform the sonographer if you had a previous abnormal or high risk pregnancy. Wear loose clothing- we scan quite low down.

Interesting facts

  • The foetus is covered in downy hair called lanugo, eyebrows and hair is formed.
  • The foetus swallows, blinks, yawns and moves frequently.
  • The nostrils open and it responds to sound.
  • The vocal cords can function but without air cannot cry.
  • It weighs approximately 5-700g and about 25-35cm long.

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