Third Trimester Growth Scan

(25 – 36 Weeks)
Foetal growth scans are a series of follow up measurements and anatomy screening but focuses on growth and abnormalities that manifest at later stages of the pregnancy.


A Growth Scan measures and screens baby but focuses on growth, position, fluid and abnormalities that surface at later stages of the pregnancy.


Between 25 and 36 weeks of your pregnancy

What to expect

Bring all previous records and blood tests. Inform the sonographer if there are any concerns or clinical changes. Wear loose clothing as we scan very low down.

Interesting facts

  • The lungs begin to secrete surfactant which help keep the lungs open.
  • Subcutaneous fat forms under the skin and the foetus begins to exhibit characteristics.
  • The foetus weighs approximately 2-2.5kg and about 35-45cm long.
  • The foetus has a sleep-wake cycle.