4D/HD Ultrasound Pregnancy Scan

4D (live) scans display safe live imaging of foetal movements and facial features. Images are portrayed with realistic depth and perspective.


4D and HD scans start in 2D before reconstructing in colour view. Dynamic 4D enhances the foetal image by allocating a separate background color.

HD introduces a light source into the image while allocating a skin tone which brings the image to life. HD is an ultra sensory imaging platform combined with diagnostic applications that will change your view of foetal imaging

When is the ideal time for a 4D Ultrasound Scan?

4D/HD Scans are performed anytime from 12 weeks. Timing depends on what stage of development parents would like to view their baby. There is no “best time” to do a scan.

Different stages will display 4D/HD images at that particular stage. It is best to start 4D/HD scans earlier when there is enough space to work and the baby is less likely to hide.

Follow-up scans can then be done at later stages to view more advanced stages of development. We will always try our best at any stage.

What to expect

Like all ultrasounds, the clarity of the images obtained is dependent on certain technical factors:

  • The baby’s position
  • The amount of fluid surrounding the baby (needs to be sufficient)
  • The position of the placenta
  • The mother’s weight (access weight can reduce image quality)
  • Please dress for easy access to your tummy.
  • Do not wear buckles or sharp objects.
  • The underwear needs to be very low in order to reach the baby.
  • Please consider when asking guests to accompany you.
  • Don’t eat or drink sugary foods beforehand as this can make the baby hyperactive.
  • We can perform various techniques to get baby moving.
  • It is always better to start 4D/HD Scans in earlier stages where optimal images are easier to achieve.
  • Follow up scans later in 4D/HD will display remarkable changes in development.
  • Success rate is high even at later stages but baby is limited in the range of movement.