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Early Pregnancy Scan

(5-10 weeks)
Performed in 2D Mode. An early ultrasound pregnancy scan provides expectant mums with an opportunity to gain peace of mind and reassurance.

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Nuchal Translucency Scan

(11-14 weeks)
The NT Scan is a non-invasive test for detecting markers that provide information on your risk for chromosomal abnormalities.

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Gender Scans

(Starting from 12 weeks)
The sonographer will establish a favorable position of the baby and simply look for baby’s gender.

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Pregnancy Scan

(14-18 weeks)
This scan is a routine evaluation of the foetus focusing mainly on growth, gender confirmation, foetal anatomy, amniotic fluid and placenta.

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Anomaly Pregnancy Scan

(19-24 weeks)
An anomaly pregnancy scan forms an integral part of antenatal care takes a close look at your baby’s developmental structure.

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Third Trimester Growth Scan

(25 – 36 Weeks)
Foetal growth scans are a series of follow up measurements and anatomy screening but focuses on growth and abnormalities that manifest at later stages of the pregnancy.

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Foetal Wellbeing Scans

(36 – 40 Weeks)
3rd trimester pregnancy scans involve the assessment of foetal growth, weight, activity, blood flow etc and overall foetal well-being.

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